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Show to users recent customer activity. Insanely scary conversion boosts with Social Proof and FOMO effect by over 250%!

  1. Create a FOMO Effect
  2. Increase Store Trust
  3. Convert Traffic Into Sales

Flexible data handling

PROVEN.LY give you the easiest way to place and update your data with ⚡️ G-Sheets plus real time automation with Zapier.


Provenly Benefits

Build Trust With Your Audience Easely
Increase Conversions On Your Website & Store
Generate More Sales on Landing & Checkout

Provenly Features

It's Time To Upgrade Your Marketing For _20_20
Import Past Data

If you have anoth data start and running in minutes. Just paste your past data and start converting.

Work on Any Websites

Work on any CMS's, E-commerce, landing pages, website builders, and static websites.

Customizable Settings

Customize whats important to fit your website style: themes, position, border radius.

Clickable Product Links

Attract more users and increase sales with clickable links leading to your product page.

Your Custom Branding(Pro)

If you have anoth data start and running in minutes. Just paste your past data and start converting.

Ultimate Marketing Star

We checked that sales themselves grew immediately by 100% and more! Are You Gonna Go This Way?

Customizable Icon Image

Nothing conveys a message like an image! We also made it possible to include animated Gif's! You can see on this page! Awesome!

Customizable Colors(Soon)

Customize the background and text colors of the widget to fit your website design perfectly.

User Geo Location(beta)

Nothing affects the choice so much as what the neighbors recommend. Show the user that someone nearby has committed an action.

Automate with Zapier(Beta)

Connect any of your store with a widget throught Zapier. Whether it is a WordPress or even a Gumroad.

Google Sheet Powered

Google Sheet is the simplest way to change and update your data (we are the #1 on the market w/ this feature, period!)

More Widgets Coming

We plan constant upgrades, and soon new widgets will be added - Pop-up informers, Live users counter, Call to action, Videos, and many more.

Ready to Sky-rocket