Agency White Label / SaaS White Label

Agency White Label / SaaS White Label

PROVEN.LY white-label platform get you your own online/offline business service with built-in monetization triggers with minimal time to start. Sell Social Proof Widget Under Your Own Brand. Meet an unique way for freelancers, agencies and online companies to make money on the most relevant marketing web trend.

Become a social proof widget reseller. Create or extend your online business in a short time!

Become a social proof widget reseller

Choose from our trusted models and business scenarios

SaaS Model

  • Your Social Proof builder under your own logo
  • Let your clients build their own widgets under
  • Seamlessly integrate a white-labeled Social Proof Builder into your existing ecosystem
  • Set your own pricing model

Agency Model

  • Charge your clients
  • Set your own pricing model
  • Sell widgets under your own brand

Monetization triggers built-in

White Label Benefits

These built-in features help the widget sell itself.

White Label Benefits

White Label Benefits

Upgrade Your Business for _20_20

Grow Your Business

Sell offline or online. Freelancer, Agency or Online Service - get a new product your customers wants today and tomorrow.

Proven Efficiency

Now, no one doubts that this works to increase conversion. Your customers will like it.

Good Investment

Just do the math - you can sell the widget from $ 60/year, and the number of potential customers are millions.

Sells itself

Users will see your branded "Powered-by" link on the widget. Get new users without advertising costs.

High Demand

Demand for such widgets is growing rapidly and the niche is almost empty from competitors.

Your Own Branding

You sell to your clients under your own Brand. Let customers feel that this is your service.

Launch Quickly

Just install the script on your hosting and you are ready to start selling it to your customers.


Install the script on your own server / hosting. Take full control of your service.



Predict your profit from selling
Social Proof Widget to your clients

How many clients you plan to serve


What price you'll charge



Ready to Skyrocket Your Business?

Ready to Skyrocket Your Profits?

🔥 Get Early Bird Discount -$100! 🔥 !

White-label Lifetime

$499 $399/one time


  • Unlimited End Users
  • Your own Domain
  • Your Branding
  • Self-hosted
  • Customizable Settings
  • White Label License
  • Builder + Script + Landing
  • Free Updates


Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

You get a script - source sode of the plugin. Plus you get a browser-based builder application, that is completely ready for integration into your server. This includes the builder interactive interface and all the necessary scripts and codes to get started. Just replace the logo and name with your own brand and sell the service to your customers.

Does it included user registration/admin and user payment features?

Yes! Now it’s even easier to start your service! Now PROVENLY integrated with WordPress with content restriction plugins: WishList Member(paid), and S2Member(free version available) (however you can choose any one with the same functionality if you wish) It also makes it possible to carry out simple integration into any existing services.

Does it work on any web-hosting/server?

Yes, it is very easy to install and there are no special requirements for the server / hosting. You can install it on any hosting / server like any static website.

Can I sell the Lifetime License or plugin "as is" as well as you?

No, the license assumes that you can only sell as a service and charge recurring payments. If you have special requirements and suggestions, you can contact us to discuss this.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Based on the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds. But you can always make sure in advance that our product is suitable for you in advance using our demo and free version.

How can I receive updates?

You will get access to the closed GIT repository in which we regularly update. So you can be sure that getting the updateds and as soon as we update our own service.

Can I translate the widget into another language?

Yes, it’s not difficult to do. You need to translate just a few headings and menus in the HTML files. For a SaaS(Extended and Enterprise plans) license, we will help you do this for free. In other cases, contact us to clarify the details.