How-to use PROVEN.LY popup builder

Change Popup Styles

Three basic customizations are available: background color, position, border radius. To select, click on the preferred options, the widget style will be generated automatically with new parameters. Now downloadable plugin will be available with new style options.

Delay Before First Time Show

You can adjust the delay the first time the popup will be shown. Enter the value in seconds or use the up and down arrows to set the delay. The minimum setting is one second.

Google Sheet Data

Copy this Google Sheet and Save as yours in your Google Drive account. This allows you to display messages about recent activities (sales, downloads, signup's , etc., from Past Data.

You can export data from almost any sales service and add to the table or add manualy. The only rule is to observe the name of the table cells as in ours.

Also, be careful not to add any private data, as this table is publicly available and anyone can read it.


1) Open Your Sheet -> File -> Publish to Web.


2) Your Sheet -> File -> Share -> Get shareable link.

image image

Insert link to the input -> Done.


If your link configured correctly you will see note: Looks Good


If you see a message that the link is invalid: " Please provide a valid link. " - check again that you did everything correctly according to the instructions above. Follow all the instructions step by step.

Easily Fill Google Sheet Data

NOTE: Don't rename or replace columns title in your copy of Google Sheet! This may cause an error in the plugin.

Fill in all columns with your data. Each column corresponds to a text line in the widget. For automation of filling data sees section - Automation(coming soon).

  1. Name: your customer name
  2. From: where is your client from
  3. Action: what exactly your client did
  4. Product: your Product Name
  5. Time: when the action was committed
  6. Link: clickable link to your product page or checkout
Icon Image

Insert a link to your image icon into the input. In the next update this will also added to the Google Sheets data columns.


Valid formats: *.jpg, *.png, *.svg, *.gif. If the error occured, check whether your picture is available for embed to another doamin as not all servers allow embedding to another server. Also if the website where you will place your popup script works on https:// , your image should also have a link starting from https://.


This function uses the location of the user and shows a notification that someone has committed an action near him. This can be interpreted as pressure and Black Hat Marketing. So you should show a notification about this to the user. Use with caution in any case, but the effect can be great.

Remove Provenly brand link

Click to checkbox and Upgrate to PRO account.


Install Provenly code to your website

After copying widget code you need to install it to your website. To do this you add script code before the close tag in the header code of your website.

Wordpress users may use this plugin: Insert Headers and Footers Plugin.

After copying widget code you need to install it to your website. To do this you add script code before the close tag in the header code of your website.

image image

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